Garden tiller engine tune up


Small engine tune-ups are very good for the performance of the machine. tillers are no exception. Tillers are available with 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines, and mantis assembles tune-up kits for both engine styles. The easiest way to find these tune-up kits is through the online store. The kits include everything you need to complete a full tune-up on your tiller. A project like this will not take you very long to complete as tune-ups take little time. Soon you will have a tiller that is running well and ready to break more ground.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need

  • New air filter
  • Combination wrench
  • Gapping tool
  • New spark plug
  • Transmission grease
  • Gear box petrolket
  • Tine pins
  • Fresh fuel
  • Fuel stabiliser
  • 2-cycle engine oil (for 2-cycle engines)

1)Remove the air filter cover by unscrewing the wing nut that secures the air filter cover to the engine. Pull the cover away from the engine and remove the air filter pad. Put a new air filter in its place after looking over the air filter cover and removing dirt, debris and other foreign material from the cover. Slide the cover back into place, and replace the wing nut.

2)Disconnect the spark plug. Unscrew the spark plug with a combination wrench, and pull the old spark plug away from the engine. Check the gap between the electrodes on the new spark plug with a gapping tool, and insert the new spark plug into the engine. Hand screw it into the engine until it is hand tight. Fully tighten the new spark plug with the combination wrench.

3)Remove the tines from the gear box. Open the gear box by removing the gear box cover. Remove the old gear box petrolket. Top the grease level in the gear box off with a tube of transmission grease. Place a new gear box petrolket in the place of the old petrolket, and reinstall the gear box cover. When reinstalling the tines, replace the old tine pins with a new set of tine pins.

4)Mix a fresh gallon of petrol with fuel stabiliser. Add 2-cycle oil for 2-cycle engines. Swirl the petrol can to mix the stabilizer and oil into the fuel well. Fill the fuel tank with the fresh fuel mixture.

Tips & Warnings on Tillers

As an option, the tune-up may include replacing the tine assembly. A whole new tine assembly will make a huge difference in the performance of the tiller. The easiest way to tell if the tine assembly needs to be replaced is to look at the condition of the current set of tines. If most of the tine tips are rounded off and blunted, it is time to replace them. If the tips are bent over but in otherwise good condition, straighten the tips with a pair of pliers.

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