How to Operate a Mantis tiller and rotovator

How to Operate a Mantis tiller and rotovator


Mantis garden tiller and rotavators are lightweight and extremely manoeuvrable tiller and rotavators, with an effectiveness in turning and tilling soil that is comparable to larger tiller and rotavators. Mantis tiller and rotavators require assembly when they arrive at your home, which only takes a minimal amount of time. Due to its diminutive size, this type of tiller and rotavators is often useful between rows to control weeds without disturbing any roots.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need

  1. Mantis tiller and rotovator
  2. Pre-mixed petrol

Operation of a Mantis tiller and rotavators

1)Check the tiller and rotavators to make sure that it has mixed petrol.

2)Turn the on/off toggle switch to the “On” position. Pull the choke all the way out so that it will open the choke to allow maximum starting capability.

Depress the primer bulb six to eight times until you see the fuel flowing through the clear fuel line. This adds additional petrol to the carburettor that is mandatory for cold starts.

3)Pull the starter cord three to four times until the engine fires, then push the choke button all the way inward.

Pull the starter cord again to start the tiller and rotavators again. Let the engine run for three or four minutes.

4)Depress the throttle lever to walk the tiller and rotavators to your garden spot. Releasing the throttle lever will stop the forward motion of the tines and stop the tiller and rotavators from moving. Set the depth indicator and depress the throttle lever to till the soil.

5)Turning the on/off toggle switch to “Off” will stop the engine and tines from moving at any time.

Tips & Warnings

The oil to petrol ratio is 50:1 of petrol to two-cycle oil. It is easiest to mix the oil and petrol in a petrol can to have correct ratios and then fill the tiller and rotavators petrol tank from the can.

Warm starts will initiate without use of the choke, but only pull the starting cord about two times. Warm starts are for when the tiller and rotavators is in use and has been off for short periods of time. The engine has not cooled entirely.

Best results are obtained from the Mantis tiller and rotavators if the depth indicator is set at the most shallow or highest setting on the first pass in the garden. Then lower the depth indicator to till garden soil deeper with each pass until the soil is light and fluffy.

A tiller and rotavators can also be useful to add nutrients and fertiliser to the soil and mix them thoroughly before planting the seeds or plants. This method ensures spreading the additions evenly for uniform plant growth and health.

Always wear shoes when operating a tiller and rotavators so that mishaps do not hurt your feet or toes.

If your Mantis tiller and rotavators does not stop when the on/off toggle switch is turned to the “Off” position, pull the choke out as far as it will go and the tiller and rotavators will stop. A Mantis tiller and rotavators engine will not run with the choke pulled out.

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