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Mantis Tiller

Once you have decided to buy a garden tiller, you then have to decide which is the right one for you. And there are many to choose from.

But you will be spoiled for choice once you take a look at the range from Mantis Tillers. They are so confident in their range of garden tillers they are prepared to give a one year money back guarantee, plus a 5 year warranty on all of them. That alone speaks volumes for the quality of this range of tillers.

But which is the right Mantis tiller for you?

Mantis offers both a 2-cycle and 4-cycle garden tiller along with a 3-speed electric tiller. So no matter what sort of garden you have there will be a Mantis tiller to suit your needs.

The 2-cycle Mantis tillers are the original models, and are the only version that will operate all the attachments. It is also the lightest of all the other models weighing in at only 20 pounds. Being a 2-cycle engine it operates on a petrol and oil mix and is the noisiest of their range.

Tillers come with a Honda engine

The 4-cycle tiller weighs in at 24 pounds and uses a confidence boosting Honda engine. This 4-cycle engine is becoming more and more popular in certain states due to noise and emission regulations. Being a 4-cycle engine there is no need to mix the petrol and oil together.

The electric Mantis tiller is the quietest of all the models. This in itself will be a big bonus for a lot of gardeners as early morning and late evening use will be no problem with this model. Although electric, this machine is packed with power to complete even the toughest of jobs.

All the above Mantis tillers will till to a width of 9 inches. For those who need a much wider till width Mantis has recently introduced a new machine to fulfil this role.

The Mantis XP tiller is a 4-cycle tiller that can till to a width of 16 inches. Utilizing a 35cc Honda GX35 commercial-grade engine it offers the power and width to tackle a much larger garden job, but weighting in at only 34 pounds is lightweight enough to handled easily by anyone. Combining the larger width with the 4-cycle engine will surely make this tiller very popular in time to come.

The tines on all the above tillers spin at up to 240 rpm and are guaranteed for life against breakage.

So, no matter what sort of garden you may have, there is a Mantis tiller that can handle the job and at an affordable price too.

Nowadays there is no need to put your back out with a shovel when you can easily use a Mantis tiller to finish the job.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and that it has been of some help for you when it comes to choosing which Mantis tiller to buy.

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